What is your data question?

Do my customers form distinctive groups? - You have data from a customer survey and you would like to know if there are cohesive and meaningful segments of customers based on their responses to questions about their attitudes and behaviors. Using a variety of segmentations methods, SRA can determine whether such customer segments exist and how distinct they are from one another. By profiling these segments on the segmentation variables as well as others such as customer demographics, you may use these segments to better understand your different customer markets and to help guide, for example, targeted marketing campaigns.

What drives satisfaction or loyalty? - You have collected measures of customer (or employee) satisfaction (or loyalty) as well as a number of attitudinal and behavioral measures. You would like to know how these various measures "drive" satisfaction. Which are important? Which are not? Can the drivers be ordered by importance? SRA can help you understand the key drivers of satisfaction or loyalty using converging modeling methods (for one such method, see this white paper).

What factors affect customer or employee retention? - You are concerned about customer attrition (or churn) and would like to understand the factors most associated with attrition in order to increase retention. SRA can help you identify those factors – demographics, attitudes, behaviors, seasonal trends, etc. – that best predict retention. Furthermore, based on the modeling results, we can build tools that allow you to run simulations to determine, for example, the likelihood of retention in the future.

What patterns might exist in my sales data? – You have sales data and you would like to know whether there are patterns in the data that might help you better understand your sales. By using time series analysis methods, SRA can help identify trends and seasonal patterns in your data. We can also identify the effects of specific events or interventions that may occur.

How do I make sense of my data? - You have one, several, or many data sets and you are not sure what they are telling you (you may not yet have any specific questions you want them to answer). SRA can help you better understand your data by providing key summary statistics, details on how variables are distributed, and measures of relationships between the variables, all accompanied by easy-to-understand graphical displays.

... and more - These are just a few of the types of questions that Square Root Analytics can help you answer. If you have a data analysis issue that you feel might be effectively addressed by statistical analysis/data science techniques, please contact us.


Technical capabilities

Regression models/generalized linear models

Predictive modeling

Multilevel/hierarchical models

Cluster analysis/segmentation

Classification models

Ensemble methods

Structural equation modeling

Time series/survival analysis

Statistical/simulation tool development